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XML Coding Standards

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Looking at the XML that is around, everybody seems to use different standards for element and attribute names. Some people write their elements in all uppercase, like <USERNAME>, some use UpperCamelCase, like <UserName>, or lowerCamelCase, like <userName>. Some standards, like XSLT, use all lowercase, like <xsl:value-of>. There is no uniformity, in contrast to, for instance, Java, where everybody more or less adheres to the same writing and coding rules.

So should we have a standard and what should it look like? Let’s explore. (more…)



Interpreting XML – Dont do it yourself!

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In an XML document you can express the same semantics in syntactically very different ways. Which is a difficult way of saying: Watch out, XML documents may look different but can nonetheless mean the same! If you use the right tools to parse and interpret the XML that is not a problem. However, be aware for developers that do not…

This article explores the areas that cause most of the confusion in interpreting XML. (more…)

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