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XQuery functions with side effects – How to handle?

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XQuery is the language for working with XML databases. It can also be used as a general purpose language for working with XML.

If you have functions in XQuery with side effects (e.g. updating a log) that return something you don’t want to use, you have a serious problem. This blog explores this and proposes some solutions. (more…)



XSLT types against typos

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Some tiny typing mistakes in your XSLT stylesheet can cause major headaches. Why? Because they go undetected by the standard static and dynamic error checking mechanisms. Something as simple as writing /Filename where it should be /FileName will only show up if your own test/debug efforts find it and will not be trapped by the XSLT engine. Unless… (more…)


Schema references

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How do you associate a schema with an XML document? It’s easy but the details also easily forgotten. A summary and a how-to. (more…)

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