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Joy of the XML container

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One of the things you frequently have to do when working with real-world XML content is process multiple related XML documents. An example is processing Office Open content (better known as Microsoft Office documents). A single Office Open document (like a .docx file) consists of many closely related XML (and other) documents. All are packed inside the .docx (or .xlsx or .pptx or …) file, that is actually a zip file. A simple but surprisingly effective construction for working with this is to wrap all content in a standardized “XML container” format. This enormously simplifies reading, processing and writing. (more…)



XSLT types against typos

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Some tiny typing mistakes in your XSLT stylesheet can cause major headaches. Why? Because they go undetected by the standard static and dynamic error checking mechanisms. Something as simple as writing /Filename where it should be /FileName will only show up if your own test/debug efforts find it and will not be trapped by the XSLT engine. Unless… (more…)

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